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AGM 2023

Agenda & Notes


Agenda for Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday, 17 June 2023 at 12 noon.

  1. 1) Chairman’s welcome
  2. 2) Approval of minutes of 2022 AGM (note 1)
  3. 3) Election of Committee 2023-2024 (note 2)
  4. 4) Members’ questions and observations (note 3)
  5. 5) Approval of Accounts for ye 31 March 2023
  6. 6) Appointment of Reporting Accountants for 2023-2024 (note 4)
  7. 7) Proposed rule change Resolution (note 5)
  8. 8) Any other business

Agenda Notes

Agenda Notes for 2023 CMIC Annual General Meeting (to be circulated with the Agenda):

Note 1) Minutes of the 2022 AGM are already on the website (see post dated 17 August 2022).

Note 2) No nominations for election to the Committee had been received at the Admin Office by 15 May. Under Club rule 4), those existing Committee members due to retire by rotation are John Hattersley, Dave Goodwin, and Ian Brindley, all of whom have expressed their willingness to continue in office.

Note 3) Questions and observations can be raised from the floor at the meeting, but, as ever, your Committee also welcomes written questions from members unable to attend on the day. These should be forwarded to the Admin Team by close-of-play on 12 June, please.

Note 4) Hadfield’s have expressed their willingness to continue in office.

Note 5) Members will recall that the ‘CAMRA members-only’ club membership requirement (rule 3i) and 3iii) has been an issue for debate at recent AGMs and Committee meetings. Following the discussion at the 2022 AGM, in particular, the Committee has decided to put a motion to this AGM which would, if agreed, allow club members withdrawing from CAMRA to leave their funds invested in the club, if they wish to do so. The requirement to be a CAMRA member when first joining the club would remain unchanged.

Accordingly, the Committee proposes an additional, closing sentence to rule 3iii) which would now read as follows:

WITHDRAWAL – Members can leave at any time. Repayment of investments to the date of withdrawal will be based on the net valuation on the last business day of the month, and will be paid as soon as possible thereafter. Alternatively, a member can cease to pay contributions and let his/her investment ‘ride’, subject to a minimum holding valued at £20 at the date of withdrawal. Cessation of CAMRA membership is also cessation of membership of the club. However, effective 1 April 2023, a club member leaving CAMRA can elect to leave funds invested in the club but may make no further contributions to them without rejoining CAMRA.

Nick Metcalfe, Company Secretary, 31 May 2023