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AGM 2022

Agenda Notes

Agenda Notes for 2022 CMIC Annual General Meeting:

Note 1) Minutes of the 2021 AGM are already on the website (see post dated 20 October 2021).

Note 2) No nominations for election to the Committee had been received at the Admin Office by 15 May. Under Club rule 4), four existing Committee members are due to retire by rotation (Ann Mace, Chris Holmes, Bob Crumpton, Neil Kellett), all of whom have expressed their willingness to continue in office.

Note 3) Questions and observations can be raised from the floor at the meeting, but, as ever, your Committee also welcomes written questions from members unable to attend on the day. These should be forwarded to the Admin Team by close-of-play on 10 June, please.

Items the Committee would particularly welcome feedback on include the following:- i) the investment position it has decided to adopt with regard to smaller players operating in the industry (who are, more often than not, brewers), as outlined in the Chairman’s recent March 2022 report at ‘Unquoted investments and portfolio risk’, and ii) the ‘CAMRA members only’ club membership requirement – members who attended the 2019 AGM may well recall that a suggestion that this requirement be done away with in its entirety was given short shrift. However, a member has now suggested a ‘relaxation’ along the lines that a Club member who has been a longstanding member of CAMRA – say for a minimum 10-year period – should be allowed to remain in CMIC if he/she chooses to exit CAMRA. The Committee is not recommending this be adopted but can see some merit in this proposal – particularly if the member has been in CMIC for some years also – but before exploring it any further would welcome members’ feedback on it.

Note 4) Hadfields have expressed their willingness to continue in office.

Nick Metcalfe, Company Secretary, 31 May 2022