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Draft – 2020 AGM Minutes

For Approval by the Members at the 2021 AGM

Minutes of the AGM held virtually on Saturday, 13 June 2020, as approved by the Committee on Thursday, 18 June 2020 and subject to approval by the Members at the 2021 AGM.

Present: this meeting was held virtually via a series of telephone conversations and e-mails involving Committee members and the Company Secretary in the days leading up to 13 June.

1) Chairman’s welcome – the full text of the Chairman’s virtual welcome address will be posted to the website later this week and will also appear in the June edition of Club Matters.

2) Approval of minutes of 2019 AGM – these were duly approved (proposed by Iain Loe, seconded by John Westlake).

3) Election of Committee 2020-2021 – four members of the Committee were eligible for re-election (John Hattersley, Chris Excell, Dave Goodwin, and Ian Brindley), and with no other nominations having been received, all four were duly re-elected (proposed by Neil Kellett, seconded by John Westlake).

4) Approval of accounts for ye 31 March 2020 – it was noted that Hadfields had now finalised the accounts, which were duly approved (proposed by John Westlake, seconded by Neil Kellett).

5) Appointment of Reporting Accountants 2020-2021 – Hadfields, having expressed their willingness to continue in office for the coming year, were duly appointed (proposed by Iain Loe, seconded by John Westlake).

6) Members’ questions and observations – the Company Secretary reported that a small amount of correspondence had been received and that it was supportive of the Committee’s position. In particular, it seems there is appetite for a members’ ‘social’ later in the year, if possible.

7) Proposed rule change Resolution – the resolution to change Rule 3.(v) was approved (proposed by Neil Kellett, seconded (remotely) by Bob Martin).

8) Any other business – there being no further business, the meeting was closed.

Nick Metcalfe, Company Secretary, 18 June 2020