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Committee Meeting

1 March 2023

This meeting was held at Castle Rock Brewery, Nottingham, on Wednesday, 1 March 2023. Apologies were received from Ann Mace and John Westlake. Also present were Paul Horrocks and Mike Sangster (Allens), and Nick Metcalfe (Co. Sec.).

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved in full and all Action Points agreed as having been dealt with.

Unusually, there was nothing to report in the way of ‘Between Meeting Events’.

Amongst the more important administration matters arising, a link to the recently refreshed website would be released to the Committee for comment within the week, and the (0.6% interest-bearing) Barclays Premium account is now in active use.

In reviewing month end accounts to January and February, it was pleasing to see that unit price and overall fund value had both risen slightly.

On ‘membership relaxation’, the recent electronic vote had resulted in a significant majority of the Committee agreeing the proposition that departing CAMRA members should be allowed to remain in CMIC indefinitely, if they wished to do so, with a (lesser) majority favouring no further contributions from any such continuing members. A Resolution along these lines will be drafted to go before the AGM.

It was agreed that the usual attempts would be made to fill Committee vacancies; however, if there are no takers, then the Committee would proceed with 10 members rather than 12.

A small rise in this year’s AGM Member attendance cost was agreed.

With majors still reluctant to engage, brewery visits are in a state of limbo just now; however, a member is keen to self-organise one to HopBack. The Committee were very happy to agree to this, with thanks to the member in question.

A round-up of recent news/developments from various existing investees and businesses being monitored was provided and discussed by all present, and it was agreed to invest £100K total pari-passu into 10 existing investees.