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Committee Meeting

10 May 2023

This meeting was held at The Lost and Found, Birmingham, on Wednesday, 10 May 2023. Apologies were received from Ann Mace and Chris Holmes. Also present were Mike Sangster (Allens) and Nick Metcalfe (Co. Sec.).

Prior to the meeting proper, there was a minute’s quiet reflection for Mike Hadfield, long-time auditor and good friend to CMIC.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved in full and previous Action Points signed off as having been dealt with.

Three specific share acquisition opportunities had presented themselves since the Committee’s previous meeting (McMullen, Wadworth, and Beer Consortium), all of which had been voted down electronically by a majority of the Committee. A bid had, however, been made for the 3,000 more shares becoming available at Hop Back Brewery (which were noted as being subject to staff pre-emption rights).

Several routine matters of administration were discussed and dealt with, the more important being:- i) members leaving CAMRA but wishing to retain their CMIC holding pending AGM vote; ii) non-contributing members; iii) CMIC’s regular ad in CAMRA’s ‘BEER’ publication – is it time to refresh this offering?; and iv) the possibility of CAMRA local branch websites playing host to a CMIC link.

No member feedback this time around.

Work on CMIC podcast progressing only slowly, and it was noted that assistance had been offered by Castle Rock’s e-business facilitator.

It was noted, with regret, that a motion proposed by a couple of CAMRA members thanking CMIC for its own campaigning efforts over the years had been rejected by Standing Orders Committee and would not be considered at the CAMRA AGM this year. A member of CAMRA’s National Executive would be invited to attend CMIC’s upcoming AGM.

Lengthy discussion about Black Sheep Brewery’s recent decision to appoint Teneo as Special Advisers and, effectively, put itself up for sale. A shock and a most unpleasant surprise. Chairman’s offer to stand down was not accepted by any of the Committee.

After full and frank discussion, and with no obvious outstanding contenders, a decision was taken to invest a total of £130K pari-passu into 13 existing investees.