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Committee Meeting

27 September 2023

Minutes of a Committee Meeting held at Allens, Stockport on Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 12-noon. Apologies were received from Ann Mace, Colin Bodimeade, Ian Brindley, Ian Loe, and John Westlake. Mike Sangster and Paul Horrocks (Allens), and Nick Metcalfe (Co. Sec.) attended.

Minutes of the meetings held on Wednesday 2 August 2023 were approved and there were no matters arising.

‘Between Meeting Events’ related to two relatively small share buying opportunities which the Committee had agreed to purchase.

The Administration team raised a number of matters including an element of confusion surrounding the marketability of a stock previously matched by James Sharp, a member’s enquiry regarding the Club’s monitoring of its investee companies’ policies on modern slavery, the wording of the revised ‘Beer’ advertisement, and a detailed analysis of the status of “non-contributing” Club members. The latest membership roll showed 5 joiners but 20 leavers: those departing citing money worries or CAMRA resignation. The bid:offer spread was left unchanged.

The brewery visits programmes were discussed in full and it was agreed that, given Committee resources, it was no longer possible to offer international trips. UK breweries continued to restrict access post-Covid and it was agreed that future efforts ought to be concentrated upon developing a 2024 programme.

Recent results from investee companies were noted as being broadly satisfactory (with possible exception of Adnams). The outcome of contact with Young’s over the future of their beers post the closure of Wychwood was noted. Wadworth’s new brewery had opened.

As always, the Committee reviewed current and prospective cashflows with particular note being taken of the known liabilities to deceased members’ estates. August had been a heavy month for the latter. It was agreed to revamp the internal cash reconciliation reports but to leave the “cash buffer” at the present level. It was also agreed that if the Club suffered 3 months of sequential negative cash flow the Committee would formally review whether or not there ought to be a discussion about a voluntary wind-up of the Club.

There being no monies to invest, none were!