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Meet The Committee

None of the committee receives any remuneration of any kind from their services as committee members. It goes without saying that the first love of all committee members is the love of a good real ale!

  • John Hattersley – Chairman

    Formerly the CEO of a major UK pension fund, John has been a member of (and chair of) various national CAMRA committees and has enjoyed stints at being a brewery liaison officer and at every post at branch level.

  • Colin Bodimeade

    Colin is an active member of the Macclesfield and East Cheshire CAMRA branch and provides business advise to micro businesses, including breweries.

    He has been a member of CMIC for many years.

  • Ian Brindley

    Ian has been a member of CAMRA for over 30 years and was elected to the committee in 2017. He is also a member of CAMRA’s Finance Committee.

    Prior to his retirement, Ian spent seven years as a trustee of a £3bn occupational pension fund, which regularly won awards for its effective stewardship of scheme members’ investments. He is currently a trustee of ShareAction, a charity that conducts research, provides education, and promotes ethical and responsible investment.

  • Bob Crumpton

    Bob is a CAMRA life member and is manager of the Bulls Head in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, the Titanic Brewery tap since August 2004, and lives on site.

    Bob previously worked at ten different Wetherspoons pubs in the Dorset, South Wales, Cheshire, and Manchester areas between 1994 and 2004, both part-time and as a deputy manager.

  • Dave Goodwin

    Dave has been a member of CAMRA since 1974. He has undertaken many roles within CAMRA since then, including Campaign Strategy Director, Finance Director, and Chairman.

    Dave was a senior tax inspector with the Inland Revenue until 2009, he then worked as the brewery manager at Brimstage Brewery, followed by three years at Wapping Brewery.

  • Chris Holmes

    Chris was CAMRA’s chairman from 1975 to 1976 and is an authority on the free trade side of the licensed house industry.

    Chris is currently chairman of Tynemill Limited, which operates some 20 free houses in the East Midlands, which dispense millions of pints of real ale, annually.

  • Neil Kellett

    Neil was a member of CAMRA’s Finance Committee for many years and has been campaigning since 1973.

    The CAMRA Investment Club was set up in 1989, based on a real ale investment club which had been running in his home town of Cheadle for 7 years.

  • Iain Loe

    Iain was formerly Research and Information Manager for CAMRA, for 23 years before retiring in 2012.

    Iain is currently a member of CAMRA’s Brewery Liaison Advisory Group and a co-founder of the European Beer Consumers Union. He, thus, has extensive knowledge of both the UK and European brewery industries.

  • Ann Mace

    Having come to CAMRA relatively late, Ann has been involved in organising the Great British Beer Festival, as a member of the working party for over 20 years, and sits on CAMRA national committees for Events and Champion Beer of Britain.

    Ann works as a business consultant for small businesses and is currently working in the NHS as a non-clinical auditor. Ann is also involved in music and event production.

  • John Westlake

    John was a founding member of the Nottingham branch of CAMRA and also served as branch chairman for several years in the late 1970s.

    He has been a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers for many years and has penned articles for What’s Brewing?, Beer Magazine, and the SIBA Journal, amongst others.

    In more recent times, John has qualified through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling as a fully accredited beer sommelier. In the meantime, John has also spent over 30 years running his own investment advisory company.

The Admin Team

  • Nick Metcalfe

    Company Secretary

  • Mike Sangster

    Club Administrator

  • Janet Wright

    Club Administrator

Duties & Responsibilities of Committee Members

As a quick guide to what a committee member lets himself or herself in for, the following is a schedule of duties and responsibilities:

The committee is responsible for decisions on the purchase and occasional sale of investments, preparation and distribution of newsletters to members, and organising members meetings at CAMRA’s AGM, the club AGM, the annual club lunch, and club brewery visits.

The committee meets at least six times per year, usually on a Wednesday, in locations convenient for most to travel to on the day. No expenses are paid.

Between meetings, when parcels of specific shares become available, investment decisions are made by email to which all committee members are involved.

Committee Member Skills, Experience, & Knowledge

A committee member would be expected to have many of the following skills, experiences, or knowledge:

  • Understanding of and serious interest in company accounts and finances, the stock market, and wider investment and financial matters.
  • Wide knowledge of the brewing industry and the licensed trade.
  • Commitment to CAMRA’s ideals and campaigns and an understanding of how CAMRA is organised.
  • Be able to respond to emails quickly.
  • Be a CMIC member and, like all club members, must be a fully paid up member of CAMRA.

– By Dave Goodwin, Committee Member