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Committee Meeting

3 December 2022

This meeting was held at Castle Rock Brewery, Nottingham, on Saturday, 3 December 2022. Apologies were received from Ann Mace, Sean Murphy, John Westlake, Dave Goodwin, and Colin Bodimeade. Also present were Paul Horrocks (Allens) and Nick Metcalfe (Co. Sec.)

Prior to the meeting, there was a minute’s quiet reflection in memory of recently deceased Committee member, Chris Excell.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved in full and Action Points agreed as having been dealt with, although the refreshed website is still a work-in-progress and nothing has been heard back from CAMRA regarding the Burton museum.

Seven new ‘between meeting’ unlisted investment opportunities had been notified. Committee requested further and better particulars in respect of Exmoor Ales crowdfunding. Of the seven events above, only one investment made. Share certificates had finally been received in Twickenham Fine Ales.

Admin team thanked again for speedy production and format of month end accounts package. Large member cash withdrawals noted, and other changing metrics highlighted.

Member feedback noted and discussed.

Membership relaxation discussed at length again – given low attendance today, an electronic vote on the matter will be arranged for January 2023. Possibility of operating a second (deceased member estates) buffer to be kept under review. With interest rates starting to rise, the possibility of an interest-bearing banking facility for the Club was discussed and agreed should be explored.

Committee member attendance at recent AGMs and other known corporate activity across various operators reported and debated.

With little or nothing available to invest (beyond the usual buffer) this time around, agreement was quickly reached to make no new investment today.

Wednesday Committee meetings agreed as the ‘new normal’ for 2023 and some suggestions made as to venues.