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Committee Meeting

7 August 2021

This meeting was held at The Victoria Hotel, Beeston, on Saturday, 7 August 2021. Apologies were received from AM, CB, BC, DG, and SM. Also present were Martin Hilton (Allens) and Nick Metcalfe (Co. Sec.).

The Chairman welcomed the Committee to its first face-to-face meeting since February 2020.

Minutes of the previous Zoom meeting were approved without comment.

‘Between-meeting’ share related activity was noted and approved.

All papers necessary for the 2021 AGM now uploaded to the website; the recent CAMRA ‘ad’ had resulted in 2 new joiners, and a short article, authored by Committee members, had been published in the most recent digital What’s Brewing. Once again, members leaving and citing ‘leaving CAMRA’ as their reason for doing so was a point of concern.

Some critical member feedback on ‘modern slavery’ had been received – JNH to respond.

Arrangements for the AGM on 28 August were fine-tuned and generally considered to be in good order. Some thought was given (but more required please…) on a guest speaker for the 2022 AGM.

Upcoming investee AGMs were all noted, as well as other activity and publicity at other investees and targets, in particular, the emerging position at New River Retail/Hawthorn Leisure.

Following a recent meeting between JNH/NK and Allens, the latter’s services contract was discussed and revisions agreed, with a commencement date of 1 April 2022 and a 3-year stand-still thereafter.

With £166K declared as available to invest, it was agreed to invest £100K now, being £10K into each of 7 existing investees, with the balance to be used to participate in two imminent auctions.

Preliminary discussion about dates and venues for 2022 Committee meetings, with face-to-face considered preferable to Zoom.